greatinnvocation The Great Innvocation Poster
Price: $195.00  



The Great Invocation Poster specially consecrated by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for protection & health of our homes.

iamthesoul I Am the Soul Poster & Post Card
Price: $24.95  





Originally painted by a High Level Clairvoyant while observing the Sacred 12th Chakra. Often described as the "Soul Star", the 12th Chakra is above the Crown and is the location of one's incarnated soul. Also includes a powerful meditation and affirmation to accelerate the union of one's lower and Higher Soul. Can be utilized to quickly center oneself and experience instant Peace! Size: 13" x 19"


11 Major Chakras Poster
Price: $24.95  




A detailed view of the 11 Major Energy Centers of the human body and its functions. This is an actual representation of the spinning chakras as portrayed by the artist through his inner eyes.

stfrancis St. Francis of Assissi Poster
Price: $24.95  


Designed through Master Stephen Co to flood a room with tremendous amounts of Electric Violet and Golden Pranas for cleansing and uplifting. Meditate on the Prayer of St. Francis for emotional healing and transmutation of our lower nature tendencies. After a few minutes of looking at the poster you will feel peaceful, refreshed and in many instances, blissful and full of hope. This is also a great tool for Blessing the Earth with Peace, Love and Spirituality. Perfect for meditation and healing rooms. Also helpful to quiet down bedrooms for restful sleep. Size: 18" x 24"

healingangel Healing Angel Poster
Price: $24.95  


Originally painted by a High Level Clairvoyant while observing a powerful Healing Angel. Emits tremendous amounts of healing and spiritual energies to flood a person or room. A must for any healing or meditation room. Just looking at it expands your aura by at least 500%! Size: 18" x 24"

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GMCKS Aura Spray
Price: $35.00  


Specially blessed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui as a tool to quickly purify the aura and chakras. Each bottle has an aura of at least 90 feet in radius! Disintegrate and Dissolve cords at the core to prevent negative people from draining your life force. Quickly purge negative energies from your aura & solar plexus chakras after a stressful day. Increase sweeping power by 300%+ by spraying on the chakra first then apply sweeping - removes 3-5 times more diseased energy with each sweep! Keep one in the car, beside your bed, in your purse and healing bag! This new formulation is even more powerful and is twice the size. Special instructions included to maximize cleansing effect.

auraspray Healing Salt Scrub
Price: $29.95  


Your body deserves the best for physical and energetic healing and maintenance. This all-organic and all-natural healing salt scrub has been produced with only the finest ingredients for this purose. Enjoy the luxurious feelings of cleansed and moisturized skin and a vibrant energized body.

auraspray Healing Hand Wash
Price: $9.95  


For use by energy healers, massage therapists, physical & occupational therapists, chiropractors and health care practitioners. Kills germs and bacteria and disintegrates dirty diseased energies upon contact. Hands will feel much cleaner not only physically but also on an energetic level. It is both antiseptic and antibacterial. (250 ml / 8 oz.)



Healer's Combo Special
Price: $35.95  




Get both the healing hand wash & salt scrub and save $5!

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